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Birthdate:Jul 27
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

"There is only one Tony Kennick. How I wish this was otherwise" - Kenneth Tynan

Tony Kennick could have been the greatest film star this country has ever known, had he not turned down Orson Welles’ advances in 1975. Although only a baby, the young Tony had caught the great man’s eye as he strolled through Bournemouth looking for sherry. But even then Tony knew that his talents lay on the stage, and so he devoted the rest of his life to acting and directing. And even if sometimes he is forced to cross over to the wrong side of the footlights, then his many fans need not worry – for the sound of Doctor Theatre’s beeper is never far from Tony’s thespian pockets and once more the halls of the North will ring with his sonorities. (Tony is also available for children’s parties, voice over and has his own clown shoes).

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